Post-Travels Summary

I am, by no means, an expert in travel. Hell, I have only left American soil a couple of times (so far). But, I have been exploring my whole life. My addiction to travel stemmed from my parent’s passion for camping. From frolicking naked in campgrounds up and down the east coast as a toddler, to road trips and flights across the country as an adult, I thrive on exploring new places. I started researching and following travel bloggers and destinations to add to my travel bucket list, which led me deeper into the world of backpacking and hopefully living abroad one day. Little did I know, while I was drooling over bigger adventures and obsessing over travel writers, I was gaining admiration from people for my adventures and blog!

Since I quit my job and moved to Puerto Rico three years ago, I have been on the move ever since. Family, friends and acquaintances have reached out to me to either ask for advice or to thank me for being an inspiration to them! Some say they just enjoy living vicariously through my pictures. These comments give me motivation to keep traveling and never stop sharing.

Which brings me to my response to anyone interested in learning from my experiences: I understand how insanely amazing it feels, but, yet, so foreign. I was lucky to receive great support from fellow travel buddies as well as travel writers I befriended, and now I can’t wait to pay it forward. Advice and stories are always best when written out in the descriptive detail that they so deserve. So, I will begin posting all about my amazing adventure into Asia, in advice-blog form! (Stay Tuned!)

*I try to live a life against “the norm” and follow the sun, not only through a passion for travel, but because it makes me happy. I realized, through tragedies and illness, that life is short! If you feel an urge to see the world, go do it!*