Greetings from Montauk, NY

Aside from a few flaws that I’m to blame for (not writing or exercising as much anymore), I truly am the happiest this year than I’ve ever been in my twenty-eight years living. So, here I sit, on August 15th, in Montauk, NY; a small beach town on the very end of Long Island, not too much unlike Rincon. It’s a surfer’s and fisher’s paradise that’s surrounded by oceans, bays and lakes, with a lot of fun bars, pretty beaches and a young, diverse work crew.

I love the fresh air, the rich, wooded areas, the beautiful homes, the clear skies filled with millions of stars at night, working in a beach bar, and being only two hours from my family. I’ve met amazing people, stayed in beach mansions, been lucky to work for great owners, entertained my home friends and family and ate the freshest fish I’ve ever had. And I’m very grateful to have mostly high/cash-paying jobs to help fatten my starving, ‘fall travel’ savings account.

On the flip side, I miss the Puerto Rico! The Coquis! It’s way more expensive to live here than in PR, most of the tourists who come for the “scene” and not the ocean are in a league of their own and like to be avoided by the residents (there are boat loads of them), and since the work-load is greater, there’s less time/ places to work out and cook for yourself and the stress levels are higher- internally and between friends.

That being said, I’ll miss certain parts of my life here, in a month and a half when it’s time to leave, but I’ve actually never been more excited for the next two seasons! The fall is my favorite time of year, for some cliché reasons- the aesthetic beauty of the leaves changing and falling, wrapping the streets like a warm blanket, the abundance of festivals, wearing scarves, drinking pumpkin beer and celebrating my birthday (October 3rd).

Come December, I’m leaving on a Jet(Blue) plane to continue my affair with Puerto Rico. Don’t tell Long Island that I’m sick of his snowboots and sweaters, I’m trading him in for his better-looking, Caribbean cousin.


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