I made the top 15!

If you’ve been reading my blog, or you know me personally, you know how much I love writing. In my busy week that revolves mostly around my ever-changing work schedule, finding the time to write is my escape.

It takes a lot to put something so personal in writing, especially out there for the world to read, critique or even agree with. I submitted my blog entry into the contest feeling satisfied that I actually entered! Last Sunday, I cut my ‘faux’ Valentine’s day plans short to spend all day in front of my MacBook, daydreaming of what Costa Rica must be like. Sweating, gritting my teeth and (like some writers) not completely satisfied with my finished product, I clicked “send” in the email to Nomadic Matt just before the midnight deadline.

Monday morning, I woke up at 6am, the time the winners were to be announced, and read his website. My heart sank as I read his intro, “I had planned to select the top 50 but I had planned to get more than 50 entries, so rather than voting on everyone, here are the top 15 applicants.” I was happy to hear not many people entered- increasing my chances, but I surely didn’t think I’d be considered for the top 15… I did my excited dance in my PJs.

Making the top 15 in a contest like this is SURREAL. Getting even this far has given me courage to believe in myself more. I look up to the guy running the contest and companies like Gap Adventures, along with all the other travel writers or bloggers out there who are making their passion more than a hobby.

Thank you all for supporting me and voting for me or just reading along!



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