Costa Rica giveaway entry

The creators of this contest ask, “Why do I want this trip?” Well, after reading Nomadic Matt’s inspiring story and reasons for holding this contest, my answer is, “This journey was meant for me!”

I’m the oldest of five girls and live at home with my parents (I know, it does wonders for my personal life). The only thing more frustrating than searching for stolen shoes and ‘lost’ makeup, is contemplating my future and career goals. When I’m struggling with my next moves, my friends and family ask me, “What is your passion? What have you always wanted to do?” There have only been two things I was ever sure about and they are writing and traveling (and I’m a Libra, so I’m the most indecisive person I know!). As much as I have wrestled with my fervor for writing throughout the years, my answer always ends up being the same. Writing has been my hobby since I was able to put words together and English was the only subject I consistently excelled in from middle school to college.

I recently set up my first blog and it has given me the opportunity to strengthen my writing skills as well as practice documenting my life’s travels. Since vacationing and exploring new territory have been my healthy distractions from the real world, I use that passion as stimulation to write. The two compliment each other like dark chocolate and graham crackers. Yet, my blog continues to be embarrassingly bare in the travel department and needs some fluffing.

All signs have pointed to travel as being the way to enlightenment and encouragement. Like many post-graduates paying back loans, however, my bank account has only afforded me the short-but-sweet travels thus far. And although I’ve had a wonderful life, my past resources have just not quenched the thirst I have for discovery. There are only so many wine tastings and road trips this New Yorker and her blog can take!

As an aspiring, 26 year old writer, just thinking about the chance to capture my every move on this bold, two-week trip and share it with my readers is intoxicating! It exudes the creativity and inspiration I’ve been looking for. I would blog my travels with all the laughter, excitement and bumps that seem inevitable during my visit through this awe-inspiring country. To describe and portray all of those breathtaking views is another goal I can’t wait to achieve. As a New York native who has never traveled to Costa Rica, I’m sure I would bring a refreshing perspective with interesting twists to the travel documentaries and their Pura Vida.

I’m looking forward to the one experience that is going to pop my suburb bubble and completely change the direction of my life. That’s why this offer to solo into Costa Rica felt like a calling card with my name on it. The timing could not be more perfect.

With Nomadic Matt and Gap Adventures being who they are, I can only see this as an incredible jaunt through a legendary country. So hey… Not only am I ready, willing and able, but I also have fabulous new luggage and an unused passport waiting to be christened!


8 thoughts on “Costa Rica giveaway entry

  1. >Gina … your post inspired me. I love that you are taking the steps to pop that suburb bubble and then to change the direction of your life. What a brave soul! Go for it! You've got what it takes. Keep reaching, that dream of yours looks like its unfolding. I can't wait to read about your adventure in Costa Rica! Ciao ~ Roberta


  2. >Good luck, Gina! Having a sister who insisted on wearing MY new blouse first that I bought from Learner's with my hard-earned $1.85/hour from Woolworth's, I can certainly relate to your search for missing make-up. Terri


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