Snowmageddon 2010

Five months I’ve neglected writing. And I’ve been sitting at my dining room table for almost an hour procrastinating. I spent half the time staring at the sun reflecting off the thick snow in my backyard and the other half staring at this blinking cursor. Why is is so hard for me to put my thoughts into words?

Anyway, yes, the sun is shining here on Long Island, a day after the ‘snowmageddon’ storm. I don’t know how places north of here deal with this on a regular basis! My dad spent HOURS, even with a snowblower, trying to uncover our many vehicles. So much time is wasted! I made sure I woke up early to help dig the cars out and squeeze in some treadmill time, so I could make it to my computer before the sun and my energy level takes a plunge.

As the snow scraper chiseled the last of the ice off my trusty Grand Am and the snow on my pants chilled my thighs as it melted, I was suddenly reminded of the warm days that I miss so much. The sun is usually extremely bright during this time of year, especially after a snow fall, but it wasn’t just the sun that brought my mind to a better place… The last of the ice defrosting off my car revealed my 2009 Town of Babylon red beach sticker. Each year they change the color, so it’s easier for them to spot as you drive by their ‘check-in’ stand at the entrance of the beach parking lot. I wonder what color it’ll be this year?

I smiled as I stood there wearing my brand new snowboard jacket I have yet to use, my three layers of pants and two layers of socks and briefly thought of how it felt to lie on the sand in a bikini. It’s funny how we forget what that feels like because summer was sooo long ago… It’s a little painful to say that it’ll be another four to five months until I can be comfortable outside in a bathing suit, but counting down the days is all I have to look forward to!

Now, it’s on to a blog submission that could win me a trip to Costa Rica…


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