Life & the Brooklyn bridge.

Last Wednesday I went on an adult field trip to Manhattan and BK with some work friends. They are all photographers with fancy SLR camera’s and I got to play around with one of their old ones. My pics here are actually from my little ‘point-and-shoot’ Canon and I was very pleased with how they came out. The color accent feature is my fav (seen above in the ‘Pleasantville-esque photo).

Being an artist for the day was exhilarating... just being around lots of talent and in a crazy city like NY was inspiring; everything you point the camera at becomes art. I know now how easy it is to find inspiration and be someone or something I didn’t think I could be. Who says you need a degree or title to do something you love?

I’ve been dissecting life lately in hopes to figure out what I have passion for... My sister loves kids and animals, some friends spend their free time on boats or sailing, my grandma likes sewing and jewelry, my other sister doesn’t stop singing, my best friend is an expert in anything beauty, my other best friend loves to surf and lives around the world just to do so and my work friends are either graphic designers, photographers, movie makers, musicians or teachers. I enjoy fitness and eating healthy and reading, among tons of other things I ‘like’ and wish I loved enough to make it a fixture in my life, but nothing screams “change your life for me, Gina”.
Yes, writing is a passion of mine… something I never stuck with throughout my life but always came back to. However, in order to keep me writing, I’m going to need to keep re-fueling my inspiration tank… Something all the 2 days mini-trips can’t afford.
My last blog entry was about how lucky I am to take those little trips and reset my boredom button. But like a bandaid, the trips cover the imperfections temporarily, but the next day when it falls off in the shower, you think “oh, it’s still there, damn”. How do you find what it is you’re looking for, grab it, admire it, perfect it and have it to look forward to when you’re on your way home from the little getaways? Hard work? Sure… once you find it, it’ll only be natural to slave over whatever means necessary to grab and perfect it… But, what about the “it”? What is “it”? If you have it then I envy you.
I’ve known some people who traveled or moved away or just out of their houses and whether they were looking for it or not, they found it anyway- or it found them. Maybe I won’t find anything for years, which i’ve come to accept, but is staying stagnant the best option? Wait for something to come to me, or get out there and search? Go back to school, travel Long Island or travel the world? If only I had a partner in crime…

2 thoughts on “Life & the Brooklyn bridge.

  1. >I know we've been trying to get together for a while now but our polar opposite schedules are preventing that from happening. I really do miss you and we always have good times when we do get together, its crazy that we don't try harder to get together. I love day trips like the one you went on and I wish I did something like that. I've really been in a similar "funk" lately where I've just been unhappy with certain (stagnant) aspects of my life. Hopefully we'll get together you xoxo


  2. >Look on the bright side my love. That's great that a lot of your friends are doing what they love..but you have to go at your own pace. You are lucky enough to live with you parents. I wish that I didn't have to worry about rent and I could have more time/money to travel. I look at you pics and I'm so jealous that I can't afford to do all these fun things that you are. Your current job may not be what you want to do for the rest of your've met some really amazing people along the way. Everything always figures itself out. You may not be sure what you want to do right now..but you will eventually. You are a great person, with many talents. You don't have to choose just one as a can dabble in everything! I can definitely see you being a personal trainer, and writing for a magazine on the side. Right now you just have to live it up and just know that the right opportunity will come along when you least expect it. If you need a travel companion, I'm always down. I just need enough time in advance to save money haha.xoMegps sorry that was really long


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