Spring fever…

I haven’t updated in a while, and i’ve been waiting for a moment that really makes me want to write… Well, last month I went to Puerto Rico and this passed weekend I took a ferry over to Fire Island. Both times were to visit my best friends since birth. They are brothers who live in different locations for each season to live, work, surf, ski, and do whatever else they choose. It’s an amazing way to spend your twenties.

I not only admire them, but I also get to reap the benefits of beautiful locals around the world when I visit them! Going on vacation for a week, or even a day, has nothing but perks. Every time I travel anywhere new or revisit a special place, I tend to reflect on life a bit. Doesn’t everyone? I mean, if you don’t, you really aren’t fully appreciating your life and the life that’s out there.
A walk down a beach front unknown to me, a lunch outside next to a bay, a gorgeous sunset from an alternate point of view, being out on ANY kind of boat-anywhere… these are all things i would never take for granted. My girlfriend, Karen, and I went to eat at the restaurant our friends work at in Ocean Beach, Fire Island, and took a seat at the big round tables on the outside deck next to the Great South Bay. To some, this is common, or maybe not a big deal, but to us it was heaven. We didn’t even have to talk to each other, I just literally and figuratively soaked in the sun and the surroundings. As I sampled a new white fish with perfectly seasoned veggies, the sun warmed my skin and smoothed out any goosebumps I had from the breeze off the water.
Even on the ferry ride, same as a road trip in a car, there’s not one thing around me I wouldn’t look at. How can anyone face forward on a trip and not take in the views? A tree with orange leaves in the fall, a snow covered playground in the winter, the Robert Moses bridge from a few miles away in the middle of the open water, a line of cute sail boats docked along the shore, or the view of the still bay and clear skies while eating with a great friend…
This is what I live for! Simple moments.

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