Well, it’s been over a month and three people in the passed week have reminded me how lonely Warm October is… So, I’m finally back. February was a crazy month for me… Lots of decisions and changes were made, all… for the better.

I came to an epiphany sometime in mid February, while exploring options for my possible near future, and that’s: I am happy where I am and with what I’m doing. Simple as that. You may feel it’s minuscule to come to such a realization, but, to me, reaching that step came along with a clearer mind, a load off my back, tons of stress relief and even a healthier me. Becoming conscious of this- along, of course, with the support and LOVE from my amazing friends- helped me through a sad and exhausting breakup and each day is looking brighter than the last. I can only go forward from here… and now, unlike a few weeks ago, I am anticipating my unknown, exciting, optimistic future…

To ‘piggyback’ on the above, i’ve also come to appreciate not just what’s (un)planned for my future, but for what I already have today. As cheesy as it sounds, think about it… you might forget about something so simple as a sweet and generous gesture- or as not-so-simple as a great friend. Or something hidden in plain sight, like a beautiful person that you’ve always known, but now is an extraordinary friend…



3 thoughts on “Optimistic.

  1. >It took awhile, but I knew you would somehow end up exactly where you needed to be. Everyone around you can tell you what you should do, but until it becomes certain in your own head,it’s all just a bunch of words. And doesn’t making that decision on your own feel liberating?? You are headed in the right direction, keep looking for what makes you happy, because you deserve it.


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