25 random facts about Gina.

I was recently sent a few of these on Facebook from some friends and the point is, if you receive them, you should fill them out and send ’em back… I haven’t had anything to write this week for my blog, sooo, here’s what I did on Facebook:

25 random things about me:

1. I don’t think I’m interesting enough to write in these things.
2. The thing I wanted to be “when i grew up” was a writer and I wanted my best friend, Jens, to illustrate it.
3. I used to go to punk, ska and HC shows when I was 14-22(ish) years old. Definitely the best times any teenager could have. I even met & got pics with all my favorite bands.
4. I love makeup.
5. I love boardgames, the fun ones. And still try to have nights where my friends and I can play games, drink a few and laugh all night.
6. I have four sisters and I’m the oldest.
7. I (can be) the most emotional and (am) the most indecisive person I know.
8. My dream job would be to work for a popular magazine like Cosmo or Glamour. (To me) it is probably the most glamourous career (no pun intended).
9. I intern for the LI magazine, Pulse and have been published (for the first time) twice.
10. My dad played drums for an 80s cover band named “Splash” and played at bars all over LI. My mom was prego with me going to his shows… explains a lot.
11. I wish i were more creative, i.e. wrote more, drew, painted, interior design, took up photography or videography… but realize it’s never to late.
12. I eat healthy, but cookies are my weakness
13. I regret not going abroad while in college… but I may go back to school one day.
14. I can read people really well and figure them out easily.
15. I still can’t figure out what hair style/length fits me best, it’s very frustrating for a girl.
16. I really would love to travel abroad and work, teach, intern or study.. ANYTHING… but have been too scared to go it alone :/
17. For years i’ve wanted to start a blog and I finally have: warmoctober.blogspot.com
18. I hope to live in another state for even just a short period of time, preferably near a large city like LA or Chicago (never been there).
19. I wish there were at least ONE less work day: 4 work days & 3 weekend days… who made it 5 anyway?? I just can’t seem to get it all done.
20. I have a handful of beautiful girlfriends that have been there from all walks of life; from elementary to my current job, who have and will always be there for me and visa versa!
21. I hate holding wooden spoons with a dry hand… ::shivers:: I also hate tomatoes!
22. I have two tattoos & wish I had money for more!
23. My uncle is an actor on The Closer. Visiting him in Cali was some of the best times i’ve ever had.
24. I realize I really do love life and I appreciate all the different activities you can do specific to each season. (snowboard, festivals, beach, camping, BBQ’s, apple picking, etc)
25. I’ve been a camper since i was a toddler. My parents have brought me when the “bathroom” was a hand-dug hole in the ground & now we own a huge travel trailer that has a kitchen, full BR & sleeps 8.


One thought on “25 random facts about Gina.

  1. >”18. I hope to live in another state for even just a short period of time, preferably near a large city like LA or Chicago (never been there).”I lived in Philly for 4 years. I highly recommend it. Got a ton of culture, and close enough for weekend trips home.Keep writing!


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