Twenty-five and grown up.

I’m used to my iPhone and Mac working perfectly for me and, trying to use the garmin, I felt like a seven-year-old spoiled girl who didn’t receive a pony on her birthday. Of course I figured out after our trip that there are very convenient settings to take you on specific routes. I still don’t know what it was set on to take us to routes 44 and 22, which made us brake for red lights, have to (probably illegally) pass the snails in front of us, and get pulled over for doing 58 in a 45.

As we reached route 22 and then some other out-of-a-horror-movie curvy mountain roads, we realized there were mounds of snow on the sides of the roads followed by acres of trees. There must be snow on the ground at all times in Vermont and it reminds me of years ago when I was old enough to be outside on my own, but young enough to still think it was cool to play in the snow. I remember we used to get so much snow, the plow created the perfect base for a fort at the end of my driveway. Sculpting seats and doorways and rolling snowballs to toss at my best friend, Jens’s fort across the street, was so exciting… I guess being able to have my own “place” when I had shared my real home with four younger sisters was always a treat. NY doesn’t see much snow these days and I realized that from being up north. I probably wouldn’t make a fort if it did, but considering it’s winter, snow would be nice. Plus, it’s pretty and brightens up the dull winter look outside.

Route 22 brought us through some quaint little towns; if it wasn’t one in the morning, i’d have stopped in each one to take pics and visit their local shops- just because I could. The towns were amazingly free of the snow piles, and we wondered how they move all that snow off of not only the streets, but the sidewalks and curbs. Who has that job anyway? Frank’s house was just as I pictured, a cute, slightly outdated Vermont cottage type, with a land-level “basement” entrance and wooden stairs leading to the first floor dining-living room. The front and back-yard blended into one space, blanketed by a few feet of white powder. Filling the cabinets with groceries for the weekend’s meals and Cozying by the faux-fire place (warmth is warmth, real or not!), was comforting and instantly I craved having my own vacation home- or at least my own place, even if it’s my only one.

OK, time to get self-reflective. I took home a few things form this trip (unfortunately memories from my would-be-2nd snowboarding attempt are not one of them- but, two months left of winter still gives me time…) Every experience is a learning one and I appreciate discovering little tid-bits about myself… I may be too much of a people pleaser, when it comes to alcohol: Girl’s nights, wineries, beer fests, summer cocktails, mexican margarita’s or a bottle of wine with dinner will always be appreciated, but all-nighters make me, well, tired (even when I’m not participating…)

Other things I learned or confirmed: The card game, Asshole, food in other cities & towns always tastes better, I can get carsick, a stray dog can easily be mistaken for a wolf when you’re in VT.


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