Beautiful banner and a snowboarding trip…

Thanks to Jeanne for the banner she made for me out of her own photos (can be found on my previous site on Blogger). I love it so much and it looks great.

My boyfriend, Jay, and I are going up to Vermont this Fri-Sun to stay at his friends house, relax, see the town of Wilmington and go snowboarding at Mt. Snow. I’m excited for so many reasons: I need a vacation from work- the after holiday crowd is minimal, but draining! I love visiting new towns and cities and heard this town is beautiful. I’m psyched to take pictures with the snowfall and hopefully take away good ideas for something to write about.

Here are a few pics from the last place I went on a trip to… I was visiting my sister who now lives, works and goes to Grad school in Saratgoa, NY. Jay and I went to the racetrack, wore big hats and smoked cigars…. (well I pretended to for the pic):

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