Slowly learning who I am.

I mentioned that I was searching for inspiration to jump start this site and one place I found it was on Jeanne’s blog, my good friend and first coworker I met at my current job (four years ago). She’s an amazing photographer and also has a really cool blog. And looking through her site not only motivated me to start this adventure, but also roused my interest in learning photography- one day. I’ve always loved taking pictures, but my little Canon doesn’t stand a chance. Anyway, photos and writing to me are related. A really good picture, like all art, tells a story. Her photos could spark of my future inspiration.

I also admire my best friends’ drive  in all of their own lives. Each of them is pursuing something they’ve always been after. Or, like my girlfriend, Megan, she’s recently dove into something she had interest in and is on her way to making a career out of it. This is what motivates me.

Maybe it’s my indecisiveness or maybe I just haven’t completely figured out who I am, but it’s taken me years to make a move. Back in Sept. I joined the LI Pulse magazine as an intern and was able to be published for the first time. The experience was definitely needed but, most importantly, I was given the opportunity to write again.

I believe writing and I have a love-hate relationship; The hate part coming from the lack-there-of, I’m sure. But, deep down, I know I’m supposed to be doing this… in some form. And this is why I’m here. I’m finally compiling all of my inspiration, advice, motivators, and interests to slowly learn about the gina I’ve unintentionally neglected.

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