This sentence took nearly three hours to form. Well, at least getting to this part did. From gathering inspiration, to choosing the blog site, to deciding on a title, this project truly confirms my ability to be the most indecisive person I know. But, hopefully, this blog also helps me spend less time in my head and more time focusing on my life and future.

The October part of my blog title came about (sort of) with the help of a cool new app I downloaded for my iPhone. It’s called iStop writer’s Block. You tap on a button and it gives you ideas, plots and challenges to get you started or keep you going with your writing (something that could very well have been made for me). Anyway, I tapped on “challenge” and it told me to look to my left and to incorporate what I see into my next sentence. I stared at the cream colored blinds and the olive walls and then at my parent’s wooden dining room chair. I noticed, for probably the first time, the pattern on the cushions they recently added to each seat in hopes to create more comfort (which they did). There were all different types of leaves in subtle fall hues, each within its own rectangle, blending perfectly with the grain and color of the rest of the wood chair. Naturally, leaves make me think of fall, which makes me think of October- my birthday and possibly my favorite month. My mom told me it was an Indian summer when I was born- unusually warm weather for the typically cool month- hence the other part to my title. And every year I’m not disappointed; it’s always warm and sunny.

I feel that using October as part of this blog has symbolic meaning as well. It seems fitting to use something that represents my beginning to begin this blog- something I’ve wanted to do for years and what could help me not only  creatively express myself but get me back to what I’ve wanted to do since I could hold a pencil… write.

3 thoughts on “Beginnings.

  1. >im so proud of you!! I think we will be looking to each other for inspiration for years to come! I can already see collaborative projects between Beestudio and Warm October (BTW, the name is perfect!)now the hard part starts, keeping it going…


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